A look behind the scenes at Happy Customers

Get a look behind the scenes at our support team, also known as the ‘Happy Customers’ department. Ricardo de Wit (Happy Customers Coordinator) will be happy to tell you more.

What do you do as a Happy Customers department?

With our department we try to help you as a customer with your questions and problems concerning advertising in the best possible way.

What questions can someone ask you?

You can ask us all questions that are not about sales or invoices. As I mentioned before, these are mainly advertising-related questions. For example, about creating advertisements in our VMS TruckDelta or how to link TruckDelta to other sales websites besides TrucksNL.

What’s the best way for someone to get in touch with the Happy Customers department?

Do you have a question or problem? Email us. Our email address is support@trucks.nl. We’ll help you as soon as possible.

Your mail goes directly to our support system. This allows several people to work directly with your question.

Through mail we can often help you faster than when you call us.

Can everyone send their questions to you?

We help anyone with questions about how TrucksNL can help you advertise or questions about how our systems work.

TrucksNL does not sell vehicles, machines or parts itself. We therefore do not have any stock either. That is why we unfortunately cannot help people with questions about an advertisement they have seen or stock questions.

Do you have a question about an advertisement? Contact the advertiser. Do you have a question about stock? Then search on TrucksNL which vehicle/machine/part you need and then contact the advertiser.

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