No lift trucks in stock? These are the reasons

Selling lift trucks is not a problem at the moment. They are selling like hot cakes. But then you're left empty-handed. Since buying lift trucks is a major challenge, it means your lift truck business may not be able to grow. Recognizable? In this blog, we discuss the most common mistakes and how you can change them, so you can buy more lift trucks. Easier and quicker. For the best price.  

You don't look at advertising platforms

Are you looking for a specific type or brand of lift truck? Then you definitely need to check out lift trucks online via advertising platforms. You can often easily search by specific categories, such as brand, engine, manufacturing year, price, location and much more. As a result, you can quickly see whether there are lift trucks for sale that complement your stock and are suitable for your buyers.

You are not visible to transport companies

Are you (or someone in your organization) constantly calling transport companies to ask if they want to get rid of their lift trucks? Then turn it around and become visible to these companies online. This takes some time to set up properly, but you will soon reap the benefits.

3 ways to improve your online visibility

1. Website

The first step to becoming more visible to transport companies and other selling parties is a good website. This comes in handy when presenting and selling your lift trucks, but it is also important for buying. Transport companies prefer to work with a reliable and professional party, and a good website supports this.

Show this on your website:

  • Interest in buying lift trucks. Make sure that your website shows that you are interested in buying used lift trucks.
  • Benefits you have to offer. Explain the benefits for transport companies if they sell their used lift trucks to you. For example, you will respond within one day, or you have a collection service.
  • What information you need about the lift truck. This includes info such as the make and type, the condition of the lift truck, the manufacturing year, kilometers driven, and recent photos.
  • Easy-to-fill form.Do you want to make it even easier for transport companies? Then make sure that they can easily fill in all the information you need in a form.
  • How to reach you for questions. Provide several options for this: a telephone number, e-mail address and contact form.

2. Online marketing

You have a good website. The next step is to make sure the website can also be found by transport companies and other lift truck sellers. How? By using online marketing. That can be done in different ways.

This is how you do online marketing:

  • Make smart use of data. You do this by collecting information about people or companies that sell used lift trucks. Then you can focus all your online marketing efforts exactly on those target groups. This sounds complicated, but you can also look for a third party that already collects this kind of data.
  • Make use of retargeting. When people visit your website often, you and your website gain more trust online. That's why retargeting is effective. A visitor to your website leaves a 'cookie'. This can then be used, for example, to show a banner with your logo when the visitor visits another website. What happens if they click on that banner? Then the chance that they will soon contact you has increased substantially.
  • Create ads on Facebook. Here you can make an appeal to people and companies who want to get rid of their used lift trucks. You can choose who sees your ads, allowing you to specifically target transport companies, for instance.

3. E-mail

This tip is about leveraging your network. Just calling or visiting dealers and companies one-by-one is a time-consuming activity. Do you have the e-mail addresses of parties from which you previously bought lift trucks? Then you can also use the e-mails and reach out to your entire network at once. This way you can stay top-of-mind when they have lift trucks that they want to get rid of.

Do you regularly send a newsletter to promote your offers? Then you can combine this newsletter with a message saying that you would like to buy used lift trucks. You can describe exactly what type of lift trucks you are looking for. It’s a win-win situation, because your potential buyers are often potential sellers too.

Stronger together: we’ll help you move forward

Would you like to implement the above tips, but don't know where to start? Or, are you unable to maintain your stock? We’re happy to help you find exactly the stock you are looking for. We call that: stronger together!

Interested? Go to and try it out for free for 2 months. We will help you to get the most out of TrucksNL's possibilities. Prefer a no-obligation consultation first? Please contact Sam Zomerdijk at +31 6 82 18 78 81 or Together, we will see how we can help you buy more lift trucks, quicker and easier.

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