De Baat Trading: Easier to buy and sell lift trucks

‘TrucksNL works well and makes selling lift trucks easy. Creating multiple advertisements for one lift truck is a thing of the past. I can also keep track of my stock all in one place.'

Mitchell de Baat, owner of De Baat Trading

Mitchell de Baat, owner of De Baat Trading, has been a lift truck dealer for five years. He comes into contact with many different companies: ‘That's what I like most about trading in lift trucks. The buyers are very diverse. From gardeners to large companies. From home and abroad.’

Spend less time on ads

Mitchell previously advertised his lift trucks on Marktplaats and a number of other platforms. ‘On every platform, I had to create new advertisements, even if it was about the same lift truck.’ He’s been using TrucksNL for a year now. ‘It is a lot easier. I create an advertisement once and TrucksNL places it on the other platforms.’ This means Mitchell reaches more people, while spending less time on creating advertisements.

Stock always up-to-date

TrucksNL has also simplified the process of managing stock. ‘Before TrucksNL, I had to keep a close eye on which lift trucks I still had in stock. If I sold a lift truck through one of the platforms, I had to manually remove the ad on all of those other platforms. Everything comes together now in one place, and my stock is always up-to-date.’

Buying lift trucks

Mitchell uses TrucksNL not only to manage his current stock, but also to increase his stock. ‘That’s also really easy. You can search by using a variety of filters, such as the specific brand or type of lift truck. And that’s how I find exactly which forklifts I want to add to my stock.’

Does Mitchell recommend TrucksNL to other lift truck dealers? ‘Of course. It makes trading so much easier!’

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