This is how you find the right buyer for your lift truck

Do you want to grow your business? Sell more, faster, and for an even better price? Then read these 6 tips for finding the right buyers for your lift trucks.

Tip 1: Put advertisements of your lift trucks online

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Tip 2: Make an impression with a professional website

When potential buyers become more interested after seeing your lift truck advertisements, they want to find out next if you are a reliable party. To do this, they search online for more information. Do you have a professional website for your company? If so, then you can make a good first impression and interested buyers are more likely to do business with you. Nowadays, you can easily have a website developed and for every budget.

Tip 3: Stand out with videos of your lift trucks

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Tip 4: Reach more buyers with online marketing

Keyword campaigns, retargeting and Facebook advertising. What do these terms have in common? They are online marketing methods that ensure that you not only reach more people, but also the right people. In short it works like this:

  • Keyword campaigns: this makes your website findable in Google on relevant keywords. You can reach the very top of page 1, above the ‘free’ results if you do it well. You can set a keyword budget, so that it fits within any budget. You only pay when people click on the ad.
  • Retargeting: this allows you to reach visitors who have visited your website or viewed your advertisements. When a visitor visits your website, he leaves behind a ‘cookie’. These cookies may be collected in a list. You can then reach this visitor again when he is on another website. He will then see a banner of your company. It has been proven that the more often people see something about your company, the more trust they will gain in it. When the visitor clicks on the banner, he is immediately redirected to your website.
  • Facebook advertising: this is about creating advertisements on Facebook, through which you can promote your stock. You can then choose who sees your ads, so you can reach a large group of potential buyers in a short time. In contrast to advertising in a magazine, for example, you know exactly how many people you reach with your advertisements.

Tip 5: Send a newsletter

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Tip 6: Make smart use of data

Are you afraid that you will not reach the right buyers with the above tips? Then make smart use of data. That works as follows. You collect information about people who fit the profile of a lift truck buyer or user. Then you focus all of your efforts specifically on the people who best fit your target audience. Sounds complicated and technical? It’s not if you look for a third party who already collects this kind of data.

Stronger together

Do you not know where to start, or are you afraid that the above tips will cost you too much time? We’re happy to help you! We offer personal advice on how to create and place advertisements, and how to improve the online presentation of your company. We also collect data through various channels and learn as much as possible about your potential buyers. We do everything we can to guide you to the right buyer. That’s what we call: stronger together!

Interested? Go to eand try it out for free for 2 months. We will help you to get the most out of TrucksNL’s possibilities. Prefer a no-obligation consultation first? Please contact Sam Zomerdijk at +31 6 82 18 78 81 or Together, we will see how we can help you buy more lift trucks, quicker and easier.

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