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A single ad is the ideal option when you want to sell a vehicle or part only once. In just five steps, you will have created a sales ad and your product will be online for 30 days - all for just €60.

A single ad on TrucksNL

  • Single fee without obligations
    Maintain full control over your spending.
  • Advertising without marketing experience
    Clear fields for optimal advertising.
  • Direct contact with potential buyers
    Via email, phone and WhatsApp.

Your ad online in 5 clicks

We are happy to help you get started with placing an effective ad. Using 5 simple steps, enter the necessary data relating to your vehicle, machine or part. Fill in as many specifications as possible to make your ad more easily findable on our platform. The more information you provide, the faster potential buyers will take action.

  1. Click on the button: place ad
  2. Select the product group and (sub)category
  3. Enter your details
  4. Enter specifications and upload photographs
  5. Activate your ad

Place your ad in a top position

Make an ad stand out by claiming a top position. A top position is a means to make your ad stand out to potential buyers. Based on a selected product group, product category or subcategory, your ad will be highlighted directly at the top of the page.

This ensures that a website visitor will always get to see your ad. Moreover, your ad will be clicked on more often and more requests will be realised.

The first four positions on each results page are available for a top position ad. The position of your ad is rotated proportionally with other companies that have top position ads in the same segment.

"With a top position, your ad will be displayed as much as 60% more often to unique visitors"

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Maximum yield for your vehicle or machine?

Looking for the highest possible amount for your vehicle or machine? Then opt for an auction. In this way, you will always get more than the minimum amount you're looking for.
More about auctioning

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