Get more sales with a professional company website

Do you want to position your organization well online? Then choose a company website that we realize for you. You create a professional appearance, are easier to find in search engines and benefit from optimal website performance. With our knowledge and experience we build a high-quality website.

Benefits of a high-quality website

  • Professional business card for visitors
    Equipped with a sleek design and various modules, you have your own complete website.
  • Accessible in multiple languages
    Reach a larger audience by having your website supported in multiple languages.
  • No maintenance to worry about
    TrucksNL ensures that your website is always up-to-date. This way you are continuously assured of optimal performance.

Why have a website made?

Today it is possible for almost everyone to create a website. But do you also achieve the intended result with your website? Having a professional website made is a profession in its own right that we are happy to help you with. With more than With 25 years of knowledge and experience in the transport, machinery and parts segment, we help you to set up a well-performing website.

Depending on your wishes, we create a website that will provide you with online success. we adapt the web design to your house style. In addition, we incorporate elements and functionalities into the website with which we can achieve your objectives.

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A high-performing custom website

To realize a well-performing website, we use our own design system that includes elements and modules. By combining the elements and modules in different ways, a distinctive website is created for every company. All elements are tailored to your logo and house style so that the recognisability of your company is guaranteed.

The various elements that can be applied include: menus, headers, columns, photo galleries, sliders, category overviews, product presentations , specification features, search filters, contact options, extra languages ​​and more. In addition, your sales advertisements are linked from the TMS to your website. You can also display the current range on your own website.

Another good sales website for your company?

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