Customer story AZ Trucks

“Through the use of the Advertising Booster, we sold nine trucks in one week instead of in thirty days.”

M.Z. Khan, Managing Partner AZ Trucks

AZ Trucks is a young and flexible company in Wateringen. We specialize in the sale of used trucks, trailers and construction equipment, says M.Z. Khan.

AZ Trucks now exists for two years and has been advertising on TrucksNL since the beginning of their business.

Sell successfully worldwide

TrucksNL gives AZ Trucks the ability to sell their inventory worldwide. “Until now, we have always been able to sell all our stock that we advertised on TrucksNL worldwide.”

Selling successfully locally

AZ Trucks started using TrucksNL’s Advertising Booster because they wanted to sell more locally in addition to globally. With the goal of making sales even faster. “We want to grow in the local market and gain more new contacts there.”

Sales figures increased enormously

“Within one week, we sold nine trucks through the Advertising Booster instead of in thirty days,” says M.Z. Khan. In the beginning, they didn’t expect it to bring in so much. “Our expectation has been totally exceeded. TrucksNL is a very professional company and has proven us wrong. My compliments!”

M.Z. Khan recommends the Advertising Booster:

The Advertising Booster really has many benefits for sales: our sales figures have increased enormously with the help of the Advertising Booster. This shows that it’s really rewarding to use it. Through the ad booster we have more contact with buyers/customers, serious offers and a bigger reach. Give it a shot and you really won’t regret it. You’ll probably like it so much you won’t be able to live without it!”

Advertising booster from TrucksNL

You can reach more potential buyers via the TrucksNL Advertising Booster. This is because you promote your stock outside of TrucksNL and other sales websites. Via the Advertising Booster, these buyers see your inventory on all the other websites where they’re also active. Think of websites like Facebook, YouTube and The Telegraph. Because of this larger range for your stock you will sell even faster to your target audience.

Do you want to boost your ads and sell your stock faster, just like AZ Trucks?

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