Braem: our conversions and brand awareness have increased significantly due to retargeting

“More conversions and brand awareness through retargeting”

Jeroen Bossuyt, Marketing Manager by Braem

Jeroen Bossuyt

Braem is a company in the truck sector in Handzame, specialized in the worldwide sale of used trucks. The company has been advertising on TrucksNL for over 15 years, placing about 500 ads per month. In 2020 they have purchased the product retargeting at TrucksNL as a supplement, which has resulted in more conversions.

About Braem

Bream was founded in 1954 by two brothers, both with a passion for trucks and technology. Over the years, Braem has grown into a leading company with approximately 250 employees. Their head office is in Handzame where they currently have around 500 vehicles in stock in their showroom. In addition to the sale of used trucks, Braem also sells aggregates and truck parts for MAN & Mercedes-Benz. In addition, Braem also offers repair service.

Who their customers are is a good question, according to Jeroen, it is very diverse: “One time it is a transport company and the other time someone from Africa needs a water tank to provide his village with water.”

Braem was looking for professionel help when it comes to retargeting

Gradually, Braem decided to let TrucksNL take care of retargeting. “In the past, we did tests ourselves using the cookies from our own website. Unfortunately this was not a success and we stopped this. Finally we got in touch with someone from TrucksNL and decided to try retargeting through them. The ad banner still performs well,” says Jeroen van Braem.

The statistics show that the ad banner performs well. Braem’s retargeting banner has a conversion rate that scores well above average. “Every quarter TrucksNL gives me a nice report where I can see the results”.

Why retargeting?

“We opted for retargeting to increase our brand awareness on secondary websites. And of course we want visitors to click on our banner, so that we generate more conversions, which ultimately leads to more sales”.

TrucksNL can reach people who are interested in the products and/or services you sell through retargeting. These people have already seen your advertisements or meet your target group wishes.

This is done by displaying banners with your logo on various relevant websites such as,, AD and Autoline. When someone clicks on your banner, they will land on your website.

If you want to know more about retargeting, this blog article might be interesting to read:

Whether Jeroen sees the benefits of retargeting by TrucksNL? “Yes, at the moment we are looking with TrucksNL at extra possibilities to be able to perform even better”.

Do you want more conversions and brand awareness?

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