Companjen Bedrijfswagens: Professional appearance with our new website

“With our new website we receive nice reactions from our customers about the professional appearance and user-friendliness.”

Priszilla Companjen, administrative assistant at Companjen

(From left to right in the photo: Bart Companjen, Giel Companjen and Bertus Companjen).

Companjen Bedrijfswagens is a family business in Vriezeveen, specialized in the sale of new and used vehicles, mainly for livestock transport. The company has been advertising on TrucksNL for more than 21 years. They place more than 75 advertisements per month. They recently had their company website developed by TrucksNL and they like it.

New building, new look, new website

Companjen Bedrijfswagens has recently moved to a new building, which meant a new look, logo and website, according to Priszilla. “The website we had was more than 5 years old and no longer met today’s requirements”. In addition to developing the website, TrucksNL helped design their new logo.

Spend less time sending information

According to Priszilla, the new website not only has a nice appearance, but also contains all information about their services and vehicles. “I can download a PDF of a vehicle and email it directly to a customer or print it out and give it to me. The PDF document contains a QR code that customers can scan for more information. Super easy!”.

More contact requests and easier to find on Google

“We notice that we are found better on Google. We receive more calls and receive many messages via WhatsApp, mobile and e-mail. On our new website, visitors can fill in a contact form, which is now completed on average 8 times a month”.

At TrucksNL, the development of a website is looked at from three angles. We focus on technology, sales and marketing. With these three pillars we ensure that our customers’ websites perform optimally. Priszilla also agrees; “Our Google performance is better than before: our profile views have increased by a percentage of 6% in 5 months.”

Whether Priszilla recommends website development by TrucksNL to other companies? “Yes, of course. The website looks professional and I am very positive about how it all went. TrucksNL responds well and quickly, I had an answer within one day.”

Do you want a new website?

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