SpitsTrucks about the ad booster

“By using the ad booster, the number of contact moments increased by more than 2.7%”

Ahmed Aoulad, owner SpitsTrucks

Ahmed Aoulad

Ahmed Aoulad is the owner of the company SpitsTrucks and has been trading trucks for more than 15 years. The company is based in Numansdorp and specializes in buying and selling used trucks, trailers and construction machinery. Since two months, they have been using TrucksNL’s ad booster and it has had results.

Who doesn’t dare doesn’t win

Ahmed is trying out all sorts of things to optimize his sales. This is also how he chose TrucksNL’s ad booster “As an entrepreneur, I try out all tools. After all, I believe you can’t judge something until you’ve tried it!” The most remarkable change when using the ad booster is that Ahmed suddenly sold trucks that had been for sale for some time. Not so strange, since the ad booster was created precisely to bring specific vehicles to the attention of a specific target group looking for them.

Increase of contact moments with potential buyers

What Ahmed noticed even more is that the number of contact moments has increased by 2.7% since the ad booster was launched. A nice addition for the company. This not only means that there are more users interested in a vehicle from him, but also that his company’s brand awareness has increased. “I therefore recommend the ad booster to everyone,” says Ahmed. “I am achieving more results in several ways.”

How the ad booster works

An ad booster works extremely efficiently for TrucksNL sellers and dealers. With ad booster, multiple sales ads are shown in one banner to a specific target group. All these ads are specifically selected and delineated on the same specifications (think year of construction, brand, kilometrage, etc). Because we know where buyers for specific vehicles are located online, we bring the compiled banners to the attention of specific external websites or through social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram. Supply and demand are in this way optimally brought together, resulting in better sales results.

Do you want to improve your vehicle sales as well?

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