Boost your sales with online marketing

To optimize your sales as an advertiser, we are happy to help you with additional online marketing tools. With our knowledge and experience, we know how to reach potential buyers quickly and in a targeted way and to make a purchase. Read all the possibilities here and discover which marketing tools best suit your company.

Boost your sales with online marketing

  • Increase your brand awareness
    By being more visible, you create trust and awareness.
  • Targeted approach target group
    Promote your offer in the right way.
  • Maximize your turnover
    Invest and benefit from optimal results.

Push your limits with an ad booster

An ad booster goes a step further than our standard bannering. With this booster we promote a number of product advertisements from you and other advertisers on various external websites. As a result, these advertisements become visible on multiple websites in the Netherlands and/or abroad. The dynamic ad set is targeted to a specific target group. Because they have an affinity with the product, interest will be high and the banner will be clicked more often.
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Advertise on TrucksNL via banners

A banner is a static or dynamic image of your company, logo or service. With banners you advertise your company in an accessible way. By displaying these banners on our website, you can reach thousands of website visitors in a short time. As a result, your brand awareness grows and visitors gain more confidence in your organization. The big advantage of this is that buyers are more likely to make a purchase because they have the feeling that they are more familiar with your company.
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Increase your brand awareness with (re)targeting

(Re)targeting means targeting your target group (again). A specific target group is (again) approached with a banner display of your company or logo. Because these people have an affinity with your product or have previously viewed an advertisement from you, they recognize your company more quickly and are tempted to visit your website after all. With (re)targeting you know for sure that you reach people who have previously shown interest in your segment or products.
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Maximaal resultaat met online branding

Realiseer het meest optimale bereik voor jouw bedrijf door online marketingkanalen optimaal af te stemmen op we elkaar. Met een online branding campagne worden banners op verschillende locaties optimaal op elkaar afgestemd. Denk hierbij aan bannervertoningen op TrucksNL, op meer dan 3 miljoen externe websites, in mailings en e-mail alerts.

  • Extra stimulans om verkoopproces te beïnvloeden
  • Volledige optimalisatie door campagne manager
  • Optimaal bereik van geïnteresseerde kopers
  • Vergroting van naamsbekendheid bedrijf
  • Directe link naar jouw website
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Professional business website

Your website is the online business card for both new and existing customers. A professional appearance is therefore very important. Especially when you want to use a website as a sales tool. That's why we make professional custom websites. We take your business goals into account and ensure that a website performs optimally from a technical point of view. This means that the web pages load quickly and are optimally indexed by Google. You also benefit from the possibility to place your advertisements directly from our TMS on your website. We provide you with the maintenance and updating of the website so that you can focus on selling your products and services.
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Use online marketing to optimize sales performance

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