Targeted sales with an ad booster

With an advertisement booster we bundle the power of multiple advertisements in one banner. By promoting advertisements from the same segment to a specific target group, a faster sale of your vehicle is achieved.

Advantages of an ad booster

  • Specific Offer Promotion
    We ensure that product ads from a specific segment are shown to a relevant target group.
  • Better Reach Among Potential Buyers
    Because ads are shown in specific countries on different websites, a buyer is found faster.
  • Low costs due to joining forces
    Advertising costs are kept low by having multiple advertisers join different ads through.

Sell better, faster and more efficiently

Your sale is only a success when you have sold it for the right price. We are happy to help you with that as efficiently as possible with an ad booster. An ad booster is a service where, in a pool with several advertisers, specific vehicles or machines are promoted. By bundling advertisements from a product group and showing them to potential buyers, an optimal conversion is achieved.

When you sign up for an advertisement booster, we develop a dynamic banner that is placed is placed on specific websites where your target group is located. These websites range from news websites to sales platforms and social media channels. We make a selection of advertisements that fall within a specific segment and ensure that your vehicle or machine stands out.

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Boost sales with an ad booster

Our dynamic banner campaigns increase your vehicle sales. Are you new as a trader at TrucksNL? Then an ad booster is ideal to build up considerable brand awareness outside our platform in a short time. This applies also for existing customers. Our banner campaigns can be found on no less than 3 million websites (including Facebook and Instagram). This allows you to reach a large group of potential buyers in a short time.

With our knowledge and experience, we know we are on which websites and in which countries the various target groups are located. Based on these experiences, we can place targeted advertising campaigns from which the most sales result. If someone clicks on your ad in the dynamic banner, this person will be taken directly to your ad on TrucksNL. The visitor then has the option to contact you directly.
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